You’re my sunshine after the rain…

foggydress_flowers5 points if you know that 98 Degrees song (their video will take you back to the early 2000’s – I love how they randomly end up on top of the Golden Gate Bridge??).


This weekend we had a much needed rainstorm (we’ve had a terribly dry winter). I loved the rain, even though it got pretty crazy for a few hours, and I was scared to go outside. Something about the rain just makes me want to slow down time, to stare out the window and watch the scene of raindrops falling from branches, bouncing off sidewalks, disturbing ripples in the puddles. 



When the sun came out today after a weekend of grey clouds, it was shining so gloriously on my little bouquet’s of flowers, I just had to share them with you. Sometimes I think I buy flowers just so I can take pictures of them! But really….it is so hard for me to go to a farmer’s market, or Trader Joe’s, and not walk out with a small bunch of flowers. It’s not my fault – they price it at like $3.99! How can I argue with that?  I can’t.



foggydress_flowersIf you’re feeling gloomy, pick up some flowers and spread them around your home. Throughout the day, the sun hits them at different angles and it is a magical experience to behold. But I’m sure you already know that.



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