working on: a summer dress for China

My husband and I are going to China this summer! Specifically, we’re going to Taiwan & Hong Kong. And more specifically, we’re leaving in May, before the real summer heat kicks in. The thing about Taiwan & Hong Kong is that they’re islands, and islands are humid. In really humid places I try to wear loose, not-super-tight-and-clingy clothing, like dresses and skirts. This dress–a great thrift store find–is made from linen, a cool fabric perfect for island-hopping. The problem is it’s…


…and also the…



So, I found an awesome hole-in-the-wall fabric store, with a HUGE box of random buttons. At 6 buttons/dollar I may have gone a little over board…picking out some “just in case I need extra” buttons, as well as “these could be earrings!” buttons. I’m almost finished with switching out the old buttons & taking the dress in, so check back later this week to see the end results. Fingers crossed it turns out like I imagine!!

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