What’s in Your (ho) Bag?


Okay, it’s time  for another round of What’s in Your Bag.

I just got back from a wonderful week in Colorado, I’ll share photos later. Seeing as it’s Monday and I have to do work (I mostly work from home), I naturally am procrastinating and thus blogging about all the crap I haul around in my bag. I love seeing what others carry in their bags, so I figure I might as well share what’s in mine.


I always carry a portable phone charger, floss & gum, my “lipstick bag”, hair clips and bands, lotion, sunnies, phone, wallet, keys, and…apparently a rubik’s cube! Phew, that is a lot of crap.

That silver lipstick baggie is silly to haul around all the time, but lipstick/gloss/balm is always the thing I’m putting on in the car on the way to wherever I’m going so…it’s super necessary.

What kind of silly/necessary things do you haul around in your bag?

PS – the Hobag pictured above was my very first Hobag that I ever made, back when I was a sophomore in college.

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