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baseball shirt, blue shirt, white shirtMy friend Bonnie and her stylish fingers have been busy hunting through warehouse sales and combing through piles at sample sales in Downtown LA. She and I have such similar taste that most of the items she found are things I would wear like right now (plus or minus a shirt under/over a few  of the pieces).  We just did another round of pictures with more fall outfits, and will have them up in our shopify store soon, like really soon! More info to come, we can’t wait to show you!

baseball shirt, blue shirt, white shirtAnd no, I still haven’t resolved my external hard drive issue :( Contacting the manufacturer today and hoping they can lend some help (although I’m afraid it’s going to come at a cost…).

I’m also on the look for more HoBag material aka vintage blouses. As soon as I get my hands on some great garments, I’ll be making a few more bags. Any great thrift stores that you can recommend in SoCal? I prefer ones that carry lots of grandma-esque prints & clothing….

Until then, there are always these HoBags to choose from~~



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