What’s a HoBag?


What is a HoBag?

It’s a funky (or not so funky) shaped bag/purse I make from thrifted vintage blouses. Sometimes I use thrifted belts as the handle. See the whole collection here.

Do you sell them?

Yes I do, right over here: foggydress.bigcartel.com

Where did you get the name HoBag? Isn’t that, like, a bad word?

You might think of “hobag” as a derogatory term, but here on foggy dress, I mean no such thing! Look, I can’t help it if my (maiden) last name is Ho, and I make bags, and I put together my last name with the thing I make. It’s like, if my last name was Anderson, and I called my bags “AndersonBags”. Think of it that way, if it makes you feel better. Yes I was teased endlessly about my name growing up… oh, elementary aged boys! And oh, junior-high-aged girls! But alas I survived public school with my Asian, transliteration name, so let’s just focus on how cool these bags are. 


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