weekend wardrobe: hello yellow

yellow Well my little brother moved up here for a long summer internship in Silicon Valley, and I’m so excited to have him close by! He’s working for a big company, and thus needed to update his wardrobe. H&M is usually good for well-fitting + currently-styled business attire at a bargain, so that’s where we headed…

yellow2We took the bus to Union Square, and when we got off at O’Farrell + Powell, I realized there were TWO H&M stores (that were not there before I left for China) right in front of me! Turns out they opened up the MEN’s section in a small store, across from the original one. Smarty!

yellow3Anyway, my brother was in that store for HOURS, trying on dress shirts, skinny ties, suit coats, etc. In between vetoing wrinkly linen slacks and arguing over which shade of blue was more “professional looking”, I ran across the street and found this yummy, sunny yellow skirt. There is just not enough yellow in my closet, I realized! That is my go-to summer color, so I decided to start stocking up. I opted for one size bigger because my normal size was a little too tight on the booty. I’m a married woman now… can’t have none o’ dat!

What is your go to summer color??

hugs, hanalei

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