Weekend Sewing Project: Tan skirt

foggydress_tan_fabric I found this yummy tan fabric at my local fabric store, and thought it would make a great skirt. I always need skirts. I don’t really do shorts much, so when the heat strikes in Cali (which is like allllll the time) I like to throw on dresses and skirts. Now, the big dilemma is narrowing it down to one design. I currently have several swimming in my head…. I threw them together with just pins, to get an idea of what they would look like. Do any of them speak to you? Which is your favorite?

Look #1: wrap around skirt, with sewing where the needles are.

foggydress_tan_fabricLook #2: cinch midi, minus the hanging fabric behind me

foggydress_tan_fabricLook #3: simple loose-fit, high-waist

foggydress_tan_fabricThis is my weekend project, so that’s what I’ll be up to these next few days. I’m going to try and enlist the help of my mother, the former seamstress, to help me get the pattern right. I’ll show you how it turns out next week…



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