Weekend Sewing Project: a shirt dress


foggy dress blue fabric

I have this great-for-fall dark navy fabric, the same fabric I made my two layer skirt with. So this weekend I hope to sew it into a loose-fit shirt-dress, with sleeves. I have attempted but not yet conquered how to make a good sleeve, so I’ll be following a pattern that I bought. I only have a yard of fabric, so it’ll have to be a knee-length dress, but that’s fine because I live in So Cal and you can pretty much wear a summer dress all year round, plus or minus a big scarf.

Here are some patterns that I liked, and might try to copy….shirt dress shirt dress shirt dressThe sleeves on this ^^ dress!

shirt dress


1. Asos 2. WhoWhatWear 3. Citizen Couture 4. Target

Check back next week to see what I came up with…

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