Weekend Road Trip to Southern Utah


California is so close to so many beautiful states – one of them is Utah. Especially southern Utah, where we went last weekend. Since this is a public blog, and since most people value their privacy more than me (I’m an over-sharer, I know…), and because I prefer pictures with people in them, then this will be a semi-narcissistic post with mostly pictures of me. Sorry about that.

PS – We recently got a GoPro, and filmed lots of awesome down-hill riding, it was awesome to re-watch! These pictures are a mixture from our GoPro and my phone.


Mountain biking is amazing for so many reasons. My favorite: it takes you off the road (why do people road bike again?). And, we get to wear really cool looking butt-pads that make our butts look even bigger than they already are.


Can you spend summertime at a cabin without watermelon? I think not. Also, as many of you saw on insta, this is how you dress for Sunday church in the country:


A little bee, mid flight ^^



Until next time, Utah.

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