treats & eats: what to do when bananas go on sale

I may have gone a “bananas” (ok I had to say it) when I bought 6 lbs of bananas….but they were 39 cents per pound!! Normally they are about 69 cents per pound, or at Trader Joes, 29 cents each. But these were big, still a little green, and perfect for some (unhealthy?) treats!

Tell me, who has not sat down with a banana, jar of Nutella and a knife, and just slathered away?? Am I the only one?
 photo IMG_1617_zps8d2b0356.jpg

So that takes care of a few bananas. But I wait until there are just a few, very ripe ones left, and throw them into a bowl to make the best banana bread ( from a cookbook gifted to me by one of my BFF’s Emily). Note: you should add less sugar than is called for in this recipe, otherwise you will not be abe to stop eating this.

 photo IMG_1601_zps93b082e7.jpg
 photo IMG_1610_zpsb3029a20.jpg

I think a few friends were tricked by this instagram picture and caption: “Banana bread donut”


I always make it in a bundt pan because, well, I don’t have a bread pan! And it always comes out shaped like a large donut. But I think some people may have thought I made little banana bread donuts (of wich I’ll try and figure out how to do), but in reality it was a big, giant one (which I think is better anyway!).

SO next time you see bananas on sale, don’t be shy! Buy a couple pounds! I actually love baking with them, and have lots more recipes to share the next time they’re on sale.

hugs, hanalei

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  1. YUMMM!!! That looks like the most delicious banana bread ever! I love banana bread, and I always love to try new recipes. And Hello to the cutest lifestyle blog I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love it! I am SO glad you started one. I miss you miss you, but reading your blog makes it a little better :) ps- the flower pants are definitely from target hahaha

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