Top 5 Christmas Tunes on Repeat

Nothing gets me in the spirit of – well anything – quite like music. It makes me cry, makes me happy, makes me excited…. you get the idea. Christmas has the best music of any season, so here are my top five (of many!) songs that are on repeat this season. What are some of your favorites?

“Christmas To Me” by Pentatonix. I first heard of them from the show The Singoff. You may have heard their beautiful rendition of Little Drummer Boy. CHILLS. There is something about the pure sound of just vocals!

“It’s Christmas and I Like You” by National Parks. Yes I know, this is not a traditional Christmas song, but I love everything about this song! I just bought this whole CD as part of Provo (where I went to college) City’s way of giving back – all proceeds from the album go towards United Way’s “Sub for Santa”. You can download it here. Also, if you read Liz Stanely’s Say Yes blog, you can spot her sister singing on the cd here.

“Do You Hear What I Hear” performed by Glee. This song is an all time favorite, simply because of nostalgia. Growing up in first and second grade I was in a choir, and at Christmas we always sang this song. Of all the covers of this song, Glee’s is my most favorite version.

“Carol of the Bells” performed by Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They sing this sooooo fast, I have no idea how they don’t all pass out! This was one of the only videos I could find where MoTab performs this acapella, which is my favorite version. And apparently this is synchronized to someone random person’s Christmas lights…

“Oh Come Oh Come Emmanual” performed by Enya. This song gives me the absolute chills.

What Christmas songs are on repeat for you this holiday season?

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