Thyme to Turnip the Beet


I feel like Beets are the forgotten vegetable. But they are so cool guys. I’ve always loved the taste, and their magenta color is the prettiest of any veggie. Just be careful, their juices might stain! The poster above is from the Happy Letter Shop, and I plan on getting it for my dream kitchen someday.

Anna is also a beet lover, and has been dying to share a few recipes, so look out this month for a few beet-utiful posts from her!

Have a good weekend ~ I’ll be spending my time at the pool (fall is like the hottest time of the year here) trying not to melt.

635741660983834470-1614659428_donutlower photo via odyssey

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  1. Haha! I love it! And I love beets (and their color ♥) too. It’s all I can do to get Mark to grow some for me tho–he can’t be sold on the flavor! I’ll be watching for those recipes.

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