The Ten Minute Tee + Tutorial


I’ve been in search for the perfect white tee…for like 2 years. When I finally found a fit/cut/design that I liked, the material sucked! Like seriously, nowadays it seems like all tees are made from flimsy, see-though material. Finally, I was like “duh, just make it!” So I went to my local fabric store and picked out a gorgeous, sturdy, creamy-white material and ten minutes later…here she was! It actually took me about twenty minutes, but that’s because I was having chalk problems (I bought cheap chalk and it was barely showing up on my clothes… you’ll see that later…). And I use the term “ten minute tee” to just mean that it is simple, easy, and quick! Don’t worry if it actually takes a little longer. Hope you enjoy the tutorial!




  • You’ll need a shirt that has long cap sleeves (see grey shirt below).
  • About 1 yard of great fabric. You especially need fabric that won’t fray when you cut it, because this tutorial doesn’t hem the edges, as my fabric doesn’t need it. I think mine was a cotton-jersey blend. You’ll use much less than a yard but it’s always good to have extras, I think.
  • clothing chalk that washes off
  • sewing supplies (machine, scissors, pins, thread, etc.)


1. Fold your fabric in half, then spread your tee open, with front of tee facing up.

2. Then fold tee over, in half.



3. Now we’re going to trace the folded tee around the edges. Note: I bought cheap chalk and it barley even showed up! I was so mad! Be sure and get a pencil like this one. It should show up better.


4. Now you’re going to cut out along the blue lines EXCEPT for down the middle! Instead, you want to fold the tee outline in half and use that half to trace the other half. Be sure to pin pieces together before sewing – see picture below:


5. Finish cutting outline of tee, and when you unfold it, it should look something like this:



6. Sew – now you’re going to sew along the top and sides of the shirt. Use common sense, and don’t sew your sleeves or any of your openings shut! I’ll make a better tutorial next time, with dots on where to sew.


7. Almost finished! Now we’re going to cut the scoop neck so it’s not so high. Lay your shirt flat, with the side that has the blue line down the middle facing up (see above).


8. Now you’re going to pinch the middle where the blue line hits the top of the tee, and you’re also going to pinch where the two seems should meet up. Then pin these like so:


9. Next, pin your scoop neck outline. I stated mine about 2-3 inches down from the top. Then cut along pin lines and when you’re finished, it should turn out perfectly even, like this:


IMG_4890And Voila! Your tee is complete.

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