The Best Weekend Ever

foggy dressWe had a restless and incredible Thanksgiving weekend. All my brothers came in from out of town, and we packed the weekend full of activities. It’s funny how you know you are really enjoying yourself when you forget to take lots of pictures….oh well! Can’t document everything I guess. Here are a (very) few pictures from friendsgiving & the weekend, all via my phone….

foggy dressfoggy dress


wpid-2014-12-02-08.16.59-2.jpg.jpegFor our friendsgiving, we all cook and cleanup together. Awww.

wpid-2014-12-02-08.16.03-2.jpg.jpegjengaGiant sized Jenga! I was really good at this. ^^


foggy dressSanata Monica Pier and Promenade


foggy dress

foggy dress hikingxo hanalei



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