The Art of a Long Term Shopping List

foggydress_plannerI used to befall the shopping rut of occasionally perusing sale items, and then buying things that were “cheap” but not necessarily what I had been looking for. Later, I would find things that I REALLY wanted (like a good solid white tee) but couldn’t justify buying it for full price.

I decided to get out of that rut and start planning out what I really wanted or was lacking in my closet (AKG would say nothing is lacking in my closet, but he would say that even if I had literally 1 pair of pants and a shirt).

So at the back of my handy dandy planner, I wrote a list that went something like this:


  • good white tee
  • swimsuit with solid straps
  • comfy black flats (my current ones have holes in the soles -_-)

This way, I’m able to walk away from all those “good deals” that I didn’t really need, and save that $$ to snatch up what I’m really wanting, whether it’s on sale or not. Like my life’s motto (that I’m constantly trying to live up to): Quality Over Quantity; or in other words more quality, less clutter.

And guess what… after months on the list, I found that swimsuit with sturdy straps!



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  1. Totally agree!! Although it’s hard walking away from some pretty dang good deals , it is worth it when you’ve got something of quality that will last you twice as long!

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