temporary graphic tee (for a Dodger’s game!) + tutorial

foggydress_tempteeI needed a tee for the LA Dodger’s game, but since I rarely go to them (the last game I’d been to was in high school!) it’s not like I have any Dodger paraphernalia. I needed a cheap alternative to buying one.

So, I came up with this:

foggydress_tempteeThe temporary graphic tee.

 It’s the cheap and versatile  way to be a fan of, well, anything!foggydress_tempteefoggydress_tempteefoggydress_tempteefoggydress_temptee See the full tutorial and more baseball pictures, after the jump!foggydress_temptee


  1. scissors & sturdy paper (I used a poster board)
  2. blue painter’s tape
  3. any color spray paint (I used Rust-oleum bright metallics gold from Walmart, about $4)
  4. any tee (I got mine for only $3 at Forever 21! Yes, from the men’s section…)

foggydress_tempteeUse the tape to form any shape, letter(s) or image you want, and tape it onto the poster board (remember, when you use painter’s tape, it comes off quite nicely!).

Follow directions on the back of the spray paint can to apply correctly.

Totally optional: you can try (as I did) to put painter’s tape on parchment paper to keep more of the sticky-ness, but  as you can see it didn’t stick to the parchment paper very well.

foggydress_temptee My “LA” was dry in about 30 mins but I left it on 1 hr because I was running errands. I recommend peeling it off around 30 mins, because by the time I had started peeling it off, it had really lost some of it’s sticky-ness.foggydress_temptee After you successfully peel it off (I had taped my letters in chunks so I peeled if off in chunks and had to put it back together, like a puzzle!), press firmly onto tee. Trim off extra corners that don’t stick!foggydress_temptee I folded my sleeves…foggydress_temptee And then–this is an IMPORTANT step!–place heavy books and coasters (just grab whatever’s handy & heavy) onto the taped graphics on your tee.foggydress_temptee Remove after at least an hour…the longer the better!foggydress_temptee This lasted about 5 solid hours, before it started to peel at the corners…foggydress_temptee Until I think of a better way (any suggestions?), this will do for a truly temporary graphic tee :)foggydress_temptee ^ peeping Tom! ^foggydress_tempteefoggydress_temptee foggydress_temptee Yay! A win for temporary DIY tees! Oh yeah, and a win for the Dodger’s…!foggydress_temptee hugs, hanalei.

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