Taiwan: you can’t come here without visiting the east coast

(I’m actually in Hong Kong right now, but I finally have more than 2 minutes of wifi, and have a whopping hour to blog! Here’s another taste of our adventures in Taiwan…)



The most important part of this trip was all the special people in my life, who I was able to see again. The second most special part of the trip was the scenery!

IMG_7586Yeah it was rainy…like the whole time we were in Hualien…but is it not the prettiest place to have rainy days? And how can you not have fun when one of your bff’s and her new hubster meet you there?

IMG_7883We stopped and ate some yummy bananas from an old lady. They were as long as my finger!

taiwanI could live my whole life on a bicycle in this town.


Now, let me introduce you to…

taiwan1-002 IMG_7781 IMG_7788

Asians love their pens. Every color, every style!

hugs, hanalei.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Hanalei! Vincent told me how excited he was to have lunch with you…even though you were running late! haha. Hope you and Austin are having an AMAZING time!

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