street art

One day my husband walks through the door, carrying this:

ira yeager (not the kitty, the painting)

In San Francisco it’s nearly impossible to get rid of large pieces of anything without paying lots of $$ to haul it away. Because of that, there are always curbside goodies (and plenty of curbside-plain-ol-trash) hanging around every block. I guess he found this piece a few blocks away, and I’m so very glad he knows me well enough to pick it up.

Can you make out the artist’s name in the bottom right corner? After I looked over the painting, I could tell it was not a print, but real oil paint on canvas. That got me searching for the artists’ name, which I made out to be Ira Yeager. Turns out he has some pretty cool paintings worth hundreds-to-thousands of dollars.

Ira Yeager Artwork Mirror18 {images via: 1,2}

Has anyone else scored pretty things via curbside hunting?

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