some things I miss : dressing for cold weather

foggydress_cold I honestly never thought I’d say this… but I miss dressing for the chilly San Francisco weather. I used to dream about not having to wrap myself in blankets in the house, and having a real summer wardrobe full of thin dresses, skirts, and sandals (something you can’t wear in SF without the accompaniment of a jacket & scarf). But last week, with 108 degree weather, the A/C busting, and the long drip of sweat running down my leg from sitting in the car (TMI?) had me really and truly missing the cool, always foggy weather in San Fran. (The outfit i’m wearing above had me ready for cold, wind, and rain. Something I prepared for throughout the year.)


AKG (husband’s initials) ^ says that living in SF was like having outdoor air-conditioning all year round. In his words, “It’s always a jeans-and-a-hoodie kind of day.” I thought that was an excellently suiting description of the weather there.

Can you believe that our flat (or any flat for that matter) didn’t even have air conditioning installed?! On the contrary, you cannot live on the peninsula without central heating. I’d say we turned on the heater most of the year, while “hot” days were ones where we didn’t need to turn it on at all.

foggydress_coldfoggydress_coldggbridge Do you prefer hot weather, or cold?

When I lived in Utah, I unfortunately got extremes of both. Well I guess the grass is always greener on the other side… or in this case, the weather always better in the other city!

hugs, hanalei

PS- can you spot the Golden Gate Bridge in the last picture (above)? The fog rolling in does a good job of hiding it, as usual.

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