Skies For Miles

foggydress_skiesfoggydress_skiesfoggydress_skiesfoggydress_skiesfoggydress_skiesfoggydress_skiesfoggydress_skiesThat pretty much sums up half of my travels for the past two weeks! These pics were taken in Spokane, Washington and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. There is just something about those SKIES. I mean, I think half of the pictures on my camera are just of skies. And honestly, as much I love LA, it is nice to get away from the smog and see bright blues, whites, and everything in between. I also experienced catching my first fish and that was pretty exciting! Although we booked a “fishing trip” and I took less-drowsy Dramamine because I have been known to get car sick, and was TOTALLY SLEEPY the entire rest of the day… lame.

How has your summer been? Experienced any gorgeous skies where you’re at? Hope you’re having fun on your end-of-summer  vacays….


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