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Soon I’ll be opening up a little shop (up there in the right-hand corner ^^) and it’ll feature 5 HObags. I’ve finished three so far, but here’s a peek at two of them:


foggydress_2hobags^^ After ^^


^^ After ^^


As usual, I want to keep these for myself… good thing I have more of the shirt fabric to make others! What do you think? Do you like them or hate them? It’s okay, I know sometimes I have weird taste. HObags aren’t for everyone, but I hope they appeal to at least 5 of you…hehe. Keep reading for more photos of the bags’ details.

foggydress_2hobagsfoggydress_2hobags foggydress_2hobagsfoggydress_2hobagsfoggydress_2hobags foggydress_2hobagsLet me know what you think! -hanalei

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  1. Hanalei these look amazing! I’m excited to see the rest of them! I love the chevron shape of the first one. Very creative design.

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