Sewn: A Two-layer Tan Skirt

foggydress sewing tan skirtI ended up mixing two different patterns from this post, and I love how it turned out. Like seriously, I started making this without knowing exactly what I wanted, but after a few failed attempts the pattern just, sort of, found me. I love when that happens because there are plenty of times when it doesn’t… what do you think?

foggydress_sewing_tanskirtI looooove the length of this skirt–and this coming from a girl who doesn’t like midi-skirts much. This length just usually dwarfs me, but I think the trick was getting it to fit a little tighter than most midi-skirts. the two layers make the fabric not cling to my body too much, and give it a textured two-layer look that I super like.


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  1. The skirt looks great! Good job! Neutrals are always good to have in the wardrobe. I like the double layering too. What did you do for the waist? Did you put in a zipper or elastic?

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