Road Trippin’

foggydress_nashville_nycYes I’m back, and yes all my summer trips are over! Phew. I’m exhausted. I’m currently working on a short video of my latest road trip to move my cousin across the eastern United States. More on that later this week.


It was a dream of mine to go to Nashville, because I’m kind of obsessed with the show Nashville. Well mostly I’m just obsessed the music from the show, like THIS ONE where they film at….

foggydress_nashville_nycTHEE Bluebird cafe!! ^^

foggydress_nashville_nyc foggydress_nashville_nyc foggydress_nashville_nyc foggydress_nashville_nyc

foggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nycMy cute cousin Dani ^^ who is the lucky duck moving from Nashville to NYC

It was so hoooott and sticky and muggy in Nashville, you probably already saw this gram of us on insta, eating delicious popsicles to cool down…

foggydress_nashville_nycTime to hit the road… can you believe I drove this thing ^^ through Manhattan???




foggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nyc foggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nycfoggydress_nashville_nycI heart NYC.

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