playing tourist: site see SF for free

If you’re into…

  1. walking
  2. learning the history of San Francisco
  3. seeing the city
  4. things that are free

…then you need to go on a San Francisco City Guide Tour.tour

My aunt first told me about City Guide Tours when I first moved here, and so far I’ve done two fabulous tours. It’s funded by the library, government grants and donations. At the end of the tours, you can make a donation to the program (the guides are all mostly volunteers, with some city employees). My first tour guide had been doing tours for 20 years! And you could tell; she knew a lot.

IMG_3806You meet at a park, bridge, or neighborhood, and you walk around the area for about 1.5-2hrs. Don’t worry–it’s light, easy walking, I promise! You get so much history and detail about the city/architecture/culture…all for free! And at the end of the tour, the guides are always keen on telling you where the best nearby restaurants are. Definitely worth doing if you’re in new in town, or visiting for the weekend.

hugs, hanalei.

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  1. I had no idea about this!! Sounds like fun.. and I LOVE that reflection picture! I want one of those fancy cameras now!! <3

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