playing tourist: eating at SF food trucks


Don’t you wish there was a website that tracked all kinds of good food trucks, and had them meet together in one place? Well for the city of San Francisco (and the Bay Area), there is such a site. If you live here or are just visiting, you need to plan your trip around where these food trucks are going to be parked, seriously. The trucks & locations change daily, but they have a list of where they’ll all meet, throughout the month. Go to to see where it’s all going down…



The day I went, the trucks were convened in the Mission Districts, really close to downtown and just 15 mins from my house. Between the trucks, they had Gyros, NY sandwiches, amazing cucumber soda, falafel, and SO much more.  
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PS I’ve finished the buttons and am just making adjustments to the dress. I’ll have pictures up tomorrow!     hugs, hanalei.

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