playing tourist: at the Hollywood Bowl


Last weekend I went to the Hollywood Bowl on a mother-daughter date with another friend & her daughters. It was the annual Sound of Music Sing-a-long, where the audience watches the classic Sound of Music movie as the words to the songs appear on a ginormous screen. People brought poppers for on-screen kisses, flashlights for when the Nazi’s were looking for the Von Trapp family, and took out their lighters phones for the love songs.  Set in the hills of Hollywood, the outdoor amphitheater is in full sight of the infamous Hollywood sign (visible during the day, I promise). I spent many a summer night here growing up, for shows and orchestra concerts by John Williams or the LA Philharmonic. I love the closing Fireworks show towards the end of the summer, and of course the fourth of July celebrations. It is here that I grew to love classical music.

Please tell me that if you live in the LA area, or have been to LA, that you have gone to a concert here before! If you’re not into classical music, there are plenty of weekends where there are shows like the Blue Man Group, Earth Wind and Fire, Vampire Weekend etc.

You need to go!


It’s a summertime celebration, so check their website for the 2014 summer schedule!

hugs, hanalei

PS-Two things: parking ($20) is stacked, so you’ll be stuck there for at least an hour, unless you pay $45 for Valet parking (which we did, & we were in and out of there in minutes!) or catch the shuttle. Also: DO NOT bring your trusty DSLR camera! They will make you check it in or return it to your car. You can get away with a point-and-shoot camera or your cell.

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  1. Hana, I LOVE reading your blog!!! Remember when Stephanie and I came to CA and you and your mom took us to the Hollywood Bowl?

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