Our First Airbnb in Malibu


Have you used Airbnb before? I’ve wanted to for some time, and finally got the chance at a weekend getaway with friends. It was my friend Anna who booked the place, and we all fell in love with it. It was tucked away in Woodland Hills near Malibu, Ca. We spent the daytime at the beach in the hot sun and the cool water, hiked, and rock climbed while some went to the Getty Villa. We spent our evenings outdoors on the patio of a Mexican restaurant or barbecuing on their gorgeous back yard patio. The nights were topped off with singing and playing guitar together, and soaking in the hot tub.

IMG_6273IMG_6275IMG_6279IMG_6280 IMG_6282IMG_6283IMG_6284 IMG_6285

We can hardly wait to use Airbnb again. Where have you stayed with Airbnb? I’d love some recommendations.

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