On Magazines & BFF’s


Before the world of blogs, like around 1999, I was obsessed with magazines. I subscribed to three: YM (anyone remember this one? Young & Modern/Your Magazine?), Teen Vogue, and then when I got to high school–big girl Vogue. I would pour over every page, reading articles and drinking in the images-mostly all I cared about were the clothes. Fast forward to college. Blogs were the cool new thing, and not only did I start my own blog, but blogs were–and are–in essence, my magazines. But lately I’ve been kind of obsessing over reading magazines again. My favorite thing is to wake up semi-early on a Saturday morning, walk to the couch in my jammies and the morning sun, and flip through a thick, heavy magazine. I loved the recent Vogue article on Tay & Karlie…reminded me of all the “best friend” friends that I’ve had in my life (you know, your current BFF changes as your life does…).

What is your favorite magazine to read? I really don’t have one. I mean I guess I like Vogue, but I like to switch between lots of different ones: ELLE, People, Lucky, Domino,  Vogue/TV of course, and cooking magazines.

I know it’s only Wednesday, but I can’t wait until Saturday. Already have a few good mags lined up for the morning couch call.

PS – play the Best Friend Game with your current Bestie, it’s hilarious and fun!!

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