My Favorite Brand of Denim Jeans

foggydress_jeans I am a denim jean hog. There are few things I love more than a great pair of jeans that fit puurrrrrfectly. It can be tricky because I have a booty and thighs, so they can’t be too snug or I’ll burst out of them when I bend over. As a teenager would wear cheap denim because it was, well, cheap. But they were always so ill-fitting that I never felt comfortable in them.

Then I entered the world of high end, name brand denim. I scrimped and saved to buy these jeans because they actually fit my curves really well! I loved frankie b’s and 7 for all mankind because they fit my booty like a glove. I soon realized, though, that the combination of wash + the kind of stretchy denim used was wearing them out FAST. They rubbed super thin between the thigh area, and in the seat area, and that made me sad because they were kind of expensive!


Finally, one day in college, I bought my first pair of Levi’s. They were on the sale rack, had a nice wash to them, and fit me perfectly. I wore and rumbled in those for years without any thinning or wearing in my “problem areas”. I still own those first pair of jeans and they still fit me perfectly. Since then I’ve amassed a good collection of Levi’s, and I’ll likely wear these guys the rest of my life. I still wear other brands, but my go-to, up-for-anything brand of jeans will always be Levi’s.

PS. a tutorial I did on how to fix that worn-down between-the-thigh area in your jeans

Top photo: Me in Levi’s jeans, by Liz Stanley

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  1. I love Levis too! I bought my very first pair after I got back from my mission. I love the good quality. I also really like Big Star and Banana Republic for the quality, but I usually look out for sales since they’re pricey.

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