Meet Nala, HoBag #5 in the Collection

foggydress_hobag_nalaHere she is folks. Nala makes bag number 5 to enter my first collection of HoBags up for sale. See them all in the shop.


foggydress_hobag_nala ^^ After ^^

foggydress_hobag_nalaI wanted to make her with a short handle, because I love the look of a bag slung through the arms. This is the perfect size for when you don’t want to carry too much. The sun kept coming in and out from behind the clouds, so the lighting on these pictures is a little funky! I kind of like the ombre effect, though.

foggydress_hobag_nalafoggydress_hobag_nalafoggydress_hobag_nalaNala can make any arm look goooood. Get her before someone else does!



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