Make a Shrug From Your Scarf + Tutorial

foggydress_scarf It has been a typical Southern California winter–a little rainy but not too chilly. A thin shrug is just what I’ve been wanting. Lately I’ve been wrapping my large scarves around my shoulders, but they keep slipping and falling. It finally dawned on me… why not turn it into a shrug? I can still wear it as a scarf anytime! foggydress_scarffoggydress_scarfIt’s so easy to make, it almost doesn’t need a tutorial.foggydress_scarffoggydress_scarffoggydress_scarfSee the full tutorial (and more pictures) after the jump… foggydress_scarffoggydress_scarf

  1. Find a scarf wide enough to be turned into a shrug ^^foggydress_scarf
  2. Fold in half foggydress_scarf
  3. From the folded, middle of the scarf, measure in 7.5 inches and pin. You can do a little less or more
    than this, depending on the width of your shoulders. Then measure anywhere from 8 inches (what I did) to 12 inches from the top of the scarf, and pin.
  4. Measure 8″ across from the pin nearest the “fold”, and measure 11″ from the top of the other pin. You should now have 4 pins.foggydress_scarffoggydress_scarf
  5.  Connect the four pins to create an oval shape.foggydress_scarffoggydress_scarffoggydress_scarf
  6. Cut inside the oval pinned pattern. Because the scarf is folded in half, when you cut out the circle you’ll have two holes. Now that was easy!foggydress_scarf
  7. Fold the raw edges over twice, and sew a basic stitch. You’re finished!

foggydress_scarffoggydress_scarffoggydress_scarf Remember, you can still wear it as a scarf!

hugs, hanalei

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