let’s workout: getting my first gym membership, yipee!


Remember when I had a mini workout room in SF? And miles of breathtaking parks with enchanted Redwood forests (see above) to run through? Sadly, I no longer have either of those things. I found a nice running path last week, but there are no trees to shade me, and the sun just leaves me dripping in sweat. Not that I’m complaining about So Cal weather, because I love it! But when Austin’s school offered a huge discount for LA fitness, I went ahead and got my very first gym membership. Here’s to getting more workouts squeezed into my week!

hugs, hanalei

PS-If you’re reading this at 8:30 am, I am most likely in my first ever cycling class…I hope I come out alive.

Photos of me: by Liz Stanely
Outfit from Old Navy

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