let’s: get physical {round 2}

Remember this post? Well. I found a new pair of running shoes (see below), coming in at $39.99 from Big 5. I saw this EXACT pair at Nordstrom Rack for $60. I am no longer ashamed to shop at Big 5! Also, I got some hot pink running shorts (see middle pic below) at a Nike outlet outside of Vegas (you know which one I’m talking about!) for like $5. Ladies, I feel a lot more motivated to work out when I’m sporting something flashy (it also helps that cars can see me & not run me over).


This post is mostly to myself, so if  you want you can stop reading now.

Alright winter hibernation is OVER, and I need to tone it down on the sweets and tone it UP with the exercise. Besides, I currently don’t have dental insurance (long story) so I cannot afford a cavity people!


Pictured above is me warming up in my tiny little gym, before lifting (yeah, baby!) and running in the chilly city weather. I realize that a year ago (when I lived in Utah) I would not be attempting this until all the snow melted in April. But now that I’m in California…

These are more or less my anti-winter-hibernation-get-ready-for-spring goals:

  1. get strong, girl. My husband and I are rock climbers (he more than me, but I’m getting there!) so in anticipation for that (and bathing suit season) I need to get some more muscle! So I a lifting some little weights. So far I can do 4 REAL push-ups. Yeah!
  2. get my aerobic in. Biking to get the groceries, running through Golden Gate Park (so picturesque), or playing tennis (there are courts in almost every park here!), whatever it is, I need to get my aerobic in 4-5 times a week.
  3. eat carbs, Mmm. What? I need the energy…


Is anyone with me??? I really need to do this, especially since I just ate 1/2  a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints.

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      1. I’m doing the Brooklyn Half on May 18th, the course is once around Prospect Park and then south all the way to the finish line on Coney Island. Definitely going to ride the Cyclone after I finish!

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