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101903036.jpg.rendition.largest Hello from San Diego!! Well since we are in a new apartment, I have decided to get more organized. I am a pack-rat by nature, but luckily (and sometimes not so luckily) my husband is constantly throwing things out (with or without telling me). I’ve come to realize, however, that if I just became more organized, my husband will have a harder time figuring out what is really “clutter”. I mean how can he throw out books that are stacked so adorably underneath a lamp? (see photo above)

After reading a few articles I’ve come up with an organize to-do list:

  • give everything a “home”.  Nothing will be laying around just waiting to be thrown out–I’ll give everything a draw, box, cubby, or shelf  that it goes to. (these go great in this)
  • always put things back after it’s use. I think that is do-able…until I start to have children!
  • routinely sort through “clutter hot spots”.  Every girl in the world can testify how extremely annoying it is to have a purse full of junk that you don’t need but end up carrying around just because you haven’t taken the time to sort through it yet. My home has several “hot spots” like that, that seem to always build up with clutter. Like my bookshelf that always seems to have postcards and letters shoved in-between books.


Also, some cute projects to help organize my kitchen, office, and jewelry. Do you have any tricks to stay organized and on top of your clutter??? I am always looking for tips :)  Wish me luck!

Top photo by Better Homes & Gardens, bottom photo I couldn’t find the exact source, just a pinterest board.

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