Let’s Eat: Baba Ganoush!

foggydress_baba_ganooshYou know how sometimes, the best recipes come from those “What’s in our fridge?” dinners? Well when my friends Carol & Ali came over the other night, we cooked up one of those dinners. When I pulled out a few egg plants (they were on sale – 3 for a $1!) Ali said “Let’s make Baba Ganoush!” I didn’t even know what that was, but I was like “SURE!” He said his mom makes it, and I’ve loved all the Arabic food that I’ve ever tasted by his mom so I had no doubt it was going to be amazing.

foggydress_baba_ganooshIt’s basically just hummus, only instead of garbanzo beans you use roasted egg plant. Definitely a dish for the tastefully adventurous. We used Ali’s bossy directions and this recipe….it turned out divine! Eat it hot or cold…




foggydress_baba_ganooshInvite a few friends over and dive in! This dish will not disappoint (that is, if your friends have as adventurous a taste bud as mine do!). Try it and let me know what you think… :)


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