Let There Be Cake!


I have many talented friends, and as you know, Anna is one of them! She whips up the most amazing things, and today she’s sharing her easy ice cream cake recipe with all of us here at foggy dress. She’s married, lives in San Diego, and saves lives for a living (literally…she’s a nurse). So….take it away Anna!

This month, my hot (literally & figuratively) husband turned the big 2-8! And I couldn’t think of a better way to cool him down than to make him a big ice cream cake. What I like most about making ice cream cake is that it’s always a different experience based on time constraints, the ingredients, and tools you choose to use. You can go all-out-organic-and-homemade or you can do it quick and dirty in between chores or errands, like I’ll show you here.

First things first, make sure you set aside enough time to make this cake. I made it about 6 hours ahead of when he would be home because I wanted it to be a total surprise. If he saw an ice cream cake in the freezer, it would’ve spoiled the surprise. You’ll see that I was pushing that ice cream to the limits by the melt factor in the last picture. I recommend you mold the ice the morning of or even the day before and bake the cake the morning of so it has plenty of time to cool. All that’s left is the assembly.

What you’ll need: Yummy ice cream that you’ve strategically paired with an easy bake cake and some frosting. Ideally, you have two cake pans that are the same size so you can do step one AND step two at the same time and save yourself a few hours of cake cooling/freezer time.

Now, don’t go judging my whipped topping, we LOVE it and it made the best frosting!

First, bake the cake. Let it cool for at least an hour before taking it out of the pan. Then, trim the top off so the top of the cake is flat.

Make sure you eat the scraps so as to not waste any goodness.

Second (or simultaneously if you have 2 identical pans), while the ice cream is soft, take the cake pan you used for the cake and mold the ice cream into it. I am using one 10″ silicone cake pan that’s easy to release food from. If you have a metal cake pan, line your pan with wax paper to ensure an easy release. Place in freezer until it sets (approximately 1 hour. The longer the better)


Third, take the ice cream from the freezer and release the ice cream onto the trimmed cake


At this point, if your ice cream has already started to melt (like mine) return to freezer for about an hour. Once your ice cream holds together, use a silicone spatula to mold the ice cream to whatever shape or form you want. Then it’s time to frost your cake. Cool whip spreads like a champ. Return to freezer one final hour to let it set before serving.


Hope you enjoyed your cake as much as we have this entire week! Have a good weekend ~~

– abc

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