Last Easter, I Gave You My Heart…

Sorry…I started the post “Last Easter” and I just couldn’t resist…(most annoying Christmas song ever?? Yes). Anyway, you’ve probably noticed things look a little different around here…I’m going with the gray (think: fog) look. What do you think of the header?? I also updated my about me.

Well last Easter was a blast, as Brooke-the amazing-threw the most springy easter egg hunt + delicious brunch EVER.







Look how short my hair used to be!!







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  1. that party waaas the best! if i do say so myself. haha. i was just reminiscing about it with david. we’re going to try to recreate it this year, but i know it wont be the same! just fam this time. allll my friends are far away! (or busy)

    ps and look at how LONG my hair used to be! we switched haircuts! really, mine looks just like yours used to, haha

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