I Made A Dark Blue Dress

blue dress diy

Okay, does everyone remember my weekend project I started a few weeks ago? I wanted to turn this pretty dark navy fabric into some kind of loose-fit shirt dress. Well guys I tried, I really did, to follow a pattern but…as with my cooking, I hate following recipes. I just want to look at the ingredient list and throw it all together! So after a few hours of reading, cutting the pattern out, and reading some more, I was annoyed at how long it was taking and also still confused about a few things. So, I grabbed one of my dresses, pulled the sleeves inside out, and traced the sleeve line with fabric chalk. The rest was me just playing with the fabric and…somehow, the sleeves turned out pretty good, and so did the rest! It’s totally my style–loose fitting/figure hiding short dress. I know it’s not something everyone would wear, but I hope you like it. It’s the comfiest dress in the world.

blue dress diy

blue dress diy ^^ I tapered the front of the dress to be shorter than the back…can you tell? I thought it added a feminine touch to the design. ^^

blue dress diy

blue dress diy blue dress diy blue dress diy

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  1. I Love thissss!!! So pretty and so you!!! This would make a great maternity/playing at the park with kids dress :) I love the a-line. Bravo!

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