How To Break Into Your Own Car

foggydress_lockedThere are some bad words that come to mind when you’re out and about, on your way to an engagement when–you discover you’ve locked your keys in the car. WHAT!? #*%&$^!!! Well, this past weekend AKG & I locked BOTH our sets of keys in the car, after we made a sweaty mess of ourselves at the gym. We needed to rush home to shower so I could attend a keltic music concert in Pasadena (random, I know…story of my life!), but soon discovered that might not happen. We quickly had to make one of two decisions:

  1. call the locksmith and fork over $60 for them to rig the door open
  2. rig the door open ourselves

If any of you know AKG, you KNOW option #1 was not even an option. So here are some tips on how to break into your car, so you don’t have to pay a locksmith to do it:

  1. Check your windows. Luckily I noticed mine was rolled down about 1 inch, so this is how we were going to get in! If your windows aren’t rolled down a little,  do this.
  2. Walk to Wal-mart. Ok  you won’t always be near Wal-mart, but we happened to be next door to one. Look around for a store since you’ll need to…
  3. Buy a wire coat hanger or curtain rod. We got this curtain rod since I have manual windows, and needed something that could hook around the roll-up window handle (yep we’re old school).
  4. Wedge preferred object through the window. If you have a wire hanger and automatic windows, insert the hanger, press the “roll down” button and retrieve your keys! Or, if you’re like us, FIRST figure out which way rolls up and which way rolls down (for about 30 mins we couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t get it to budge; turns out we were pulling it the wrong way, and rolling it up!!). Then use the hook to push/pull handle and…retrieve keys.

The purpose in me writing this post is purely selfish; this is the 3rd time I’ve locked myself out in 6 months, so I’ll be bookmarking this for when it happens again. I really should get a hide-a-key or something…

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