home: use postcards + a fun frame to decorate on a dime!


My mother-in-law mentioned that I should post some decorating tips on my blog, since she is in a new house that needs to be decorated. I’m not really settled into a permanent home yet, and I’m not that fabulous at home decor, but I’ve done a few (cheap) tricks to add a little style to wherever we call home.

Follow this 3-step tutorial to add a little art to your home! 


  • small decorative frames
  • postcards (or small pictures)
  • tape



  1. measure the inside of the frame, to make sure they will fit your postcards
  2. use old or new postcards that you like, & place on back of frame
  3. tape all four corners down (and edges if you really want to secure it; I didn’t)

frames1above: a vintage picture of my mama in high school

IMG_6022 IMG_6019

I have so many beautiful postcards, I figured this was a cheap & pretty way to add art to my home. I can only stick postcards on my fridge for so long…

PS the frames were on SUPER discount (marked down from $10 t0 $1.50) at some hole in the wall store in Utah.

hugs, hanalei.

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