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IMG_5672Our white body pillow has been on my to-do list for a year now. I have been searching and looking for a stylish cover, but to no avail. I mean REALLY! Why is it so hard to find a cute, affordable body pillowcase? Does everyone else know where to find them?? Is it just me??? Well, finally, I thought–hello, I have a sewing machine and a serger! I can just wip up a cover of my own, no problem. Well I did encounter one problem, but I’ll tell you about that later.

Here’s a tutorial on how you can easily make any pillowcase, as well as an “after” picture of the finished cover… 

Recently Updated32Supplies:

  • scissors
  • fabric
  • a sewing machine


  1. Choose you’re fabric!  I picked this mini chevron pattern at Joanns.
  2. Measure your pillow, from top to bottom. Double the length, PLUS 4 inches. The width of the fabric when I purchased it was naturally the the same width of the pillow (enough to cover both sides, plus 2 inches).
  3. Pin up the bottom and the long side.
  4. Sew them up!
  5. Try on the cover to make sure it fits your pillow, and isn’t too tight/loose.
  6. Place a pin where the end of the pillow hits, and the extra four inches begin, at opening of the pillow.
  7. Here’s where I decided to get a little creative, and make a zig-zag border…
  8. Sew the zig-zags (or just sew a normal border).

IMG_5723I serged the ends of the bottom & side (see numbers 3-4), but if you don’t have a serger, a simple zig-zag stitch will do the job.

IMG_5726So my one problem that I was talking about earlier? It was this: sometimes the designs in your head don’t turn out as well as you’d imagined. I wasn’t ecstatic about my (does it look crooked?) zig-zag border in the end…but don’t worry, I have the perfect gold buttons that might polish off this pillowcase. I’ll keep you posted.

hugs, hanalei.

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