HObags making a comeback



Back in college, I was thrifting one day, and found a grandma-print blouse that I thought would make the best bag. Then, the name came to me: HO bags! My maiden last name is Ho. I wanted to make bags. HObags? HObags! My husband hates the name, but I think it’s hilarious.


It’s been many years since the first HObag was made, but now they’re baaaaack! This one is for my girl, Kenzie :D (The blouse + belt were found at Goodwill while we were thrift shopping on Haight Street)




  • something thrifted (shirts, blouses, sweaters, pants…really, anything)
  • belt or anything that will make a great strap
  • extra sturdy fabric for the lining




  1. I laid out my bouse & belt the way I wanted my bag to look
  2. I found a sturdy fabric that would look with the colors of the blouse
  3. I measured the width and length of the layout of my bag
  4. I wrote down the measurements PLUS 1 inch on both the width & length, for seam allowance

Cutting and sewing…


  1. I cut both the blouse & the fabric for lining (according to measurements), turned them inside out, and sewed/serged the hem line. You can do a zig-zag stitch if your don’t have a surger. 
  2. I folded the opening outward, and ironed
  3. I cut two slits on the side of the bag for the belt ends to go through. Cut just barely big enough for ends to enter
  4. If only I had a button-hole sewing function on my machine…instead I just sewed a straight stitch around the hole, a few times
  5. I pulled the belts ends through the holes and tied a tight knot on the end, big enough so it can’t be pulled through the hole
  6. Pin the blouse to the liner fabric, and sew a top stitch all around….



Enjoy!     hugs, hanalei

PS check back soon! I hope to make another HObag for next week…

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