Hiding From the Sun

foggydress_sunhatI really don’t know how it happened, but my summer is totally booked up. Like I’m getting anxious just thinking about all the mini trips and work and travel and visitors and weddings and showers and… ya. But life is good so I can’t complain. Stay tuned for lots of extremely sporadic posting and projects…

I just came back from a trip up to Santa Cruz, Ca with my mom and aunties and I realized that, despite what my my ultra-brown skin might tell you, I am always hiding from the sun!

I think it started about 5 years ago on my church mission to Taiwan, where I was outside all day everyday for 1.5 years. The people there were extremely afraid of the sun. It was the funniest thing! They would cover themselves up from head to toe with all these funny gloves that reached all the way to your arm pits and hats with cloth hanging past their shoulders, despite the extreme heat and humidity. They told me my skin was too dark and I needed to cover up, and they praised my pale-white mission companions whose skin color they pined for.

Nowadays I always travel with a hat or two, sunglasses, and my favorite spray-on sunscreen by Neutrogena (70 SPF!). At the beach, if I take a nap I’m sure to throw a towel on top of me. During workouts, I try to keep my outdoor runs to the early morning or evening times to avoid baking.

Am I crazy?? It’s ok, some people think so.

Here’s to beautiful summer and soaking up the sun (in an appropriate amount of time of course, after which you should slather on sunscreen or find some shade)!! Hahah. Yep, I’m crazy.


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