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130217-3588 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo {image via}

I really want these faded tights and have no idea where to get them…I may have to do a DIY. I have always been inspired by and obsessed with Japanese fashion. Seriously, they must have so much fun getting dressed in the morning.IMG_1250 Speaking of Asia, my husband and I have been saving all year to take a trip back to Taiwan and Hong Kong, where we both served as missionaries for our church. We really want to do this trip before school and children over take our lives (which will be coming up soon, before we know it!). I can’t wait to take my camera, and find some fabulously dressed Asians. And eat my heart out; their food is cheap, fresh and delish.

Have you been to a foreign country, where you’ve fallen in love with their style and culture? Share please! Oh and have a fabulous weekend.

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