Hello Weekend & Subscription boxes

Hello there weekend! You could never have come sooner. I’m exhausted. It’s just been one of those sleepless weeks, plus the holidays are coming up so it will just get busier. But I’m not complaining cause I LOVE CHRISTMASTIME. With a passion. And Thanksgiving is coming up, which means friendsgiving is coming up (year #12 for us!) which means I need to find something to wear (more on that next week).

This weekend, I’ll be getting up early Saturday morning to go to the Temple with the youth from our church (*tears* no sleeping in this weekend!) and then getting our place ready for lots of family visitors next week, as well as helping my mom plan the Thanksgiving day menu. What are you up to?

So I guess the new “thing” is subscription boxes. I remember getting bombarded on mommy blogs (yes I read those…who doesn’t??) about Naturebox, Blue Apron etc. Then I had friends who subscribed to Birchbox or Ipsy, and was just wondering if I should try one of them out when…I got this awesome job. Since a few of you inquired about it on instagram I figured I’d just write a post about it.

foggy dress Pop sugar must have box^^ scarf from my POPSUGAR Must Have box ^^

Although slightly embarrassed of myself, I still love my job at Subaholic for a few reasons:

  1. I get to vlog – so basically, you all know I love blogging. But what you and I didn’t know is that vlogging (video+blogging) is just as fun, and I’m loving it just as much. A few of my first videos were not so great (see my very first one, on Julep Maven!) but the “Subaholic team” (yeah… it’s just two girls…that still counts as a team, right?) and I have gotten much  better.
  2. I basically get to shop for the best subscription services, order things I like, and try them out for you all.
  3. I have a great friend, Sany, who writes reviews with me.

foggy dress Pop sugar must have box^^shoes from the JustFab monthly subscription^^

The thing I like about our subscription review blog (there are lots) is that we are the one of the only ones who have both blog posts and vlogs about each of the boxes we order from, so you like TOTALLY get the full scoop on the box. After reviewing so many, I’ve found a few favorites: POPSUGAR Must Have box, NatureboxGlossybox, and the Walmart beauty box (great value, especially because this box is FREE!).

What are you up to this weekend? Have you tried any of these subscription boxes? If so, I’d love to hear what you think about them. Have a good weekend guys~~


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