hello weekend + something new to learn

It’s Friday! I woke up thinking it was Thursday, but was happily mistaken.

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This week at my mom’s book club, we read Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Stowe. I’m really glad we read it prior to this weekend because it helped me better appreciate the amazing heroes who contributed to the abolishment of slavery. What a terrible tragedy, and how grateful I am for people like Martin Luther King Jr. and many others throughout history. I almost couldn’t finish the book for fear of my heart breaking, it was so tragic, but it was also hopeful and triumphant. I definitely recommend that you put it next on your booklist. (You can listen to the audiobook for free here or download it -free- to your kindle here.)

On another note, I just had an epiphany… let me share it with you! As you know, this blog is about stuff I do & learn–my journey through learning to sew is documented here, as well as little projects around my house. Cooking is something I want to work more on this year, and so you might see it creeping up on the blog a little more than usual (ok a lot more than usual, since I hardly post about food here!). I’ve been looking up videos on the internet and learning a few new tricks, and I’d like to share some of those with you on my “Hello Weekend” posts. They won’t always be about cooking (like last’s week’s post about learning ways to jazz up a resume). But hopefully you might learn a thing or two with me, along the way.

This video helped me perfect the art of cracking an egg with one hand. I know it’s not necessary for cooking but it sure does speed up the process! Previously, if I did crack an egg with one hand, it was always accidental. I followed these little exercises and now I almost have it down perfect!

Have a fabulous weekend…

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  1. What a great post! A reminder of the reasons this MLKJ day should really be celebrated, a free book download (of a classic nonetheless) and an awesome cooking trick!
    Love it.

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