hello weekend + one last travel post…I promise!

This weekend, there is nothing going on. Aust & I will just sit at home and relax. You ever have the feeling that you need a vacation just to recoup from your recent vacation?? After being gone for a month, and hauling our luggage on and off trains, subways, stairs & elevators, I am sore! I am tired! And for some reason I wish I was back there right now! Have a great weekend, and check out all the Asian fashion I creepily captured on my camera! (click on “keep reading…” link below)

hong kong map2Well I haven’t really talked much about our trip to Hong Kong & Macau (<–that’s the Asian version of Vegas fyi!). I can’t really sum it up in words because it was such a long and incredible trip, but I’ll try…

There was plenty of good food, funky fashion, and tall tall TALL buildings!!

taiwan fashion

Desktop14^^The American dollar can buy a mighty fine hotel, with pools that have some stunning views!^^

hong kong fashion

Desktop13The Hong Kong Temple ^^

Desktop15We hit up a beautiful and warm beach (the water was WAY warmer than LA & SF beaches!), and another night market

cool_umbrellasLet’s just say there’s nothing dull about Hong Kong. Always busy, hurried people dressed in bright colors and tiger backpacks… The ultimate fusion of Europe + Asia. Complete with British accents and “Mind the Gap!” at every MRT platform. This city never sleeps, and has a happenin’ night scene. Definitely a unique and amazing little island, worthy of your next vacation!

hugs, (a very exhausted) hanalei

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