hello weekend & here are some halloween couples costume ideas

I’m excited because we have no weekend plans! Sometimes I love to be anti social, stay in all day, and catch up on Downtown Abbey. Looks like it’ll be one of those weekends.

AKG & I have been invited to an awesome halloween party, and we need a clever costume to wear. Last year I was Hello Kitty, and I tried to convince AKG to go as Dear Daniel (her bf) but he was unwilling to dress up like a kitty. So as much as I am a fan of repeating halloween costumes (I use like the same costume idea for about 3-4 yrs..what??), I need to think of a great, clever, new one. That got me thinking… there are so many couples in stories, movies, and books, who start off with one person, but end up with another. Wouldn’t it be funny to be an unexpected couple??


Pocahontas & Kokoum


Katniss & Galefoggydress_halloween

Harry Potter and Cho Chang???foggydress_Harry-Potter-cho-chang

What are some other “unexpected couples”?? I’m hitting the wall here…all you clever people, help! I need some more ideas!

Have a great weekend :)

hugs, hanalei.

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  1. If you’re a Buffy fan you could totally go as Buffy and Spike, or if you like Twilight you could go as Bella and Jacob (I don’t know why all my suggestions are vampires… maybe it’s cause they’re haloweeny!) xx

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