hello weekend, from SD!


We are enjoying a perfectly comfortable holiday down here in San Diego. Having friends in La Jolla is a little too convenient for us, as I might be wearing out my welcome sooner than later. The 1.5 hour drive is just too do-able, I don’t think I can stay away long. I’ll post more about our trip on Monday.

On another note, I’m past due for a hair trim. I say trim, not cut, because I am trying to grow my hair out. Grow hairs, grow! I could definitely use a trim & style. Something along the lines of Jessica Alba (plus a few inches):

foggydress_hairstylesWhat do you think…left or right or are they both pretty much the same? I’m growing my bangs out but still on the fence about it. I have an unusually large forehead and I may or may not be able to pull off the whole middle-part look. Guess we’ll see!

hugs, from San Diego :)

Photo Left: Hair Style Solution, Photo Right: Styles Only

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  1. Are you going to color it too?!

    Actually – don’t. Your hair is so shiny and a nice color. But YES! I think that will look cute on you. Just like every hair style does.. long, short, in-between – you name it.

    If you’re looking for a new hairstylist closer to you. I go to the Frame Salon in Chino Hills and Jessica is my stylist. She’s really great! I actually went to her when I was in High School and recently went back to her and couldn’t be happier.

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