hello weekend: in which I talk about fertility on V-day

How many of you take hormonal birth control or a have an IUD? I used to take BC, simply because I didn’t know about charting or the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). My cousin is like the biggest advocate  for it, and got me into it too. She wrote a super interesting and extremely informative blog post that gives you everything you need to know about fertility awareness and charting, if you have no idea what I’m talking about (that would be me 6 months ago!). I just wish more women like me knew about this as a good option of birth control. What do you think about charting your cycle instead of using hormonal birth control?

This video is a kick-starter campaign by Cassie Wilson, can’t wait to see her documentary. Here’s what it’s about:

“This film explores my journey off the pill into the Fertility Awareness Method, as I investigate FAM’s place in women’s health.”

Have a great weekend, and Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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  1. This is such an interesting video. Did you have a really bad experience with birth control? I’m always so torn about it. the medical community tends to love it- but then theres me ( i don’t like medicine very much, and think diet can cure a lot of ailments that plagues us) i still take the pill, but really hate to be putting these hormones into my body!


    1. I didn’t necessarily have a bad experience, but I just wish I knew there was another, non-hormone changing option to avoid getting preggers. The more options the better, and had I known about this FAM/charting method, I would’ve chosen it over changing my body with BC.

  2. So…I totally agree with Rachel. I don’t like the idea of medicine or putting hormones into my body and I just didn’t know any better. And honestly you don’t learn about these things unless you take the time yourself to do research and read books. I went to your cousin’s post and I gobbled it all up. So thank you for sharing. I just checked out the book she read and its really good so far. I think this aspect of Womens health is so important, and yet we as women are still not given this education it deserves. I wish I had known about this much earlier in life.

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